2023-12-16 | #fresh #newyear #relaunch

Back in 2019, when I first put this website online, I did so with the hope that I would produce one large article each 1-2 months. The topic I chose for the first article was floating point errors, and it was a labor of many, many hours and many iterations to get it to the final version. I liked the output, but I did not enjoy the process, which is why it took me many months to start working on the next article.

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Minimal integration between vim and GDB

2021-10-30 | #debugging #gdb #python #vim

Since version 8.1 vim came bundled with termdebug, a plugin that somewhat integrates GDB within vim. While termdebug does a lot of things right, like providing bindable vim commands for program control, it can be quite awkward to work with multiple terminal windows within vim, especially when you need to both scroll and input in the interactive window. This can get pretty disruptive for people that use tiling window managers and are not eager to C-w l instead of Mod-l, or to C-w N C-u/d instead of simply scrolling with Shift-PgUp/PgDn in the terminal emulator.

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